Cerec crown : Cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry

Much more than a simple facial expression, your smile reflects your personality and conveys all the important emotions—joy, tenderness, surprise and even shyness—that make up who you are.

Dentiste Brossard understands this and focuses on providing patients with the best available treatments, including cutting-edge technology such as porcelain dental restoration with the CEREC crown.

What is Cerec technology?

CEREC Crown - dental restoration technology
CEREC stands for Chairside, Economical, Restoration, Esthetic Ceramic and is a method that allows us to do porcelain dental restoration work in only one appointment. The process is simple and painless.
First, we take adequate care of the tooth that’s going to require the treatment.
We then proceed to digitalize the tooth and send data to a computer software. The virtual image that results from this procedure is sent to a robot that mills and grinds the necessary piece from a cement bloc.
Finally, the dentist places and glues the porcelain piece to your tooth for a natural and comfortable result.

Cerec crown : affordable, comfortable dental treatments with beautiful results

Whether used to repair split or broken teeth, to strengthen those that have had a root canal or simply to set a porcelain crown, the Cerec technology has multiple advantages with number one being the ability to get everything done in just one visit!

No more multiple visits and endless waiting. Further, ceramic provides a natural appearance and, due to its biocompatibility, it’s very durable. Porcelain is, in fact, the closest you can get in terms of resemblance to actual tooth enamel.

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