Soin dentaire à Brossard

Regular dental care in Brossard

It’s not enough to brush or floss daily in order to preserve an immaculate smile and healthy teeth. Consulting your dentist at regular intervals is essential to prevent the occurrence of frequent oral problems, such as cavities.


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Examen dentaire complet à Brossard

Complete Dental Examination

It is essential to check the condition of your teeth and mouth on a regular basis to avoid future complications and maintain exemplary oral health.

Dental examination includes clinical and radiological examinations of your mouth. Using radiographs and observations in the mouth, our dental team will be able to diagnose certain conditions and diseases such as gingivitis (gum disease), periodontitis (bone loss), cavities, etc.

Nettoyage dentaire à Brossard

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning removes plaque from teeth or between teeth and gums. As for scaling, it involves removing calcified deposits on the teeth or on the roots. After descaling, polishing removes dental plaque from all dental surfaces.

Our team of hygienists uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that offer you the most effective dental cleaning.

Soins et réparation des caries

Care and Caries Repair

Dental decay or caries is an infectious disease of the tooth that originates from enamel, cementum or dentin damage.

The most common symptoms indicating caries are a dental pain (cold, hot and others), a white/brown spot or the presence of a hole in the tooth. However, this list of symptoms is not exhaustive. If in doubt, it is necessary to act quickly and consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Once again, we would like to remind you that the most effective way to maintain good oral health is dental hygiene. Consult your dentist twice a year for dental follow-up and do not forget to brush/floss everyday.

Complete dental examination, dental cleaning, care and repair of caries in Brossard

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Clinique dentaire à Brossard

Professional service and care adapted to your needs

We offer care in general dentistry and aesthetics with the same rigour and passion since 1986. Our longevity speaks for itself.

Each client is unique and each mouth causes its own troubles. If some people have a lot of tartar, others may suffer from gingivitis. That’s why we think it’s essential to listen to your needs and questions upon your first visit to our clinic so that we can provide you with personalized care. Your oral health is essential, the aesthetic aspect is complementary. A clean, healthy mouth protects you from problems such as cavities, infections, oral thrush and gum disease. Making an appointment for an examination and cleaning at our clinic is the first step in good dental hygiene.

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