Couronne, Incrustation et Pont à Brossard

Crown, Inlay and Bridge in Brossard

When a tooth has been extensively restored or has undergone root canal treatment, the remaining tooth structure is often insufficient to restore it adequately with conventional material.


Crown, Inlay or Bridge?

When a tooth has been badly flawed by decay, fractured or when the seal is too damaged to repair, but the root remains healthy, we can proceed with the installation of a dental crown.

In the case where the amalgam or composite of a tooth is too damaged, another option is available: rather than putting a crown, we can install an inlay on the tooth. After having completely removed the old filling and any trace of caries, a digital impression of the cavity is taken. A block of ceramic is then cut to measure and inserted into the space occupied by the old filling. In addition to being aesthetic (its colour is similar to enamel), this restoration solidifies the tooth and restores its initial strength.

If you need to replace one or more missing teeth, installing a bridge will fill the empty space. Since we need to prepare the adjacent teeth that will support the bridge, this option is recommended when they need to be restored or have already been restored. When the neighboring teeth are healthy, we prefer to preserve their integrity. We strongly recommend that you opt for an implant in order to replace the missing tooth.

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