Teeth whitening service: for a sparkling smile!

Brighten up your smile with a teeth whitening treatment that’s simple, efficient and painless. A whiter, brighter smile can make a real difference.

Why whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening - before and after - Dentiste Brossard
A bright, healthy smile can directly impact a person’s self confidence and changes the way others perceive you as well. Oftentimes, regardless of how much you care for your teeth, regular brushing just doesn’t give you the results you’d hope for. Natural tooth hues vary between grey and yellow and drinking coffee or wine, general diet or smoking tobacco, for example, can contribute to changing the color of your smile. In these instances, the solution to brightening and whitening your smile is a bleaching treatment.

Procedure and treatment for optimal teeth whitening results

The professionals at our Rome-Milan dental clinic offer efficient, painless treatments. Whether you choose to have your treatment at home or on-site, you’ll have the best products available for the procedure.

Clinic whitening: One hour treatment during which we’ll apply an efficient, peroxide-based product on your teeth.

At home whitening: As previously mentioned, the at-home treatment involves using a product that’s similar to the one used in our clinic. This product is applied thanks to a mouthpiece designed specifically for the patient’s mouth. Treatment varies between 10 and 21 days.

What you should know

Before starting any whitening treatment, it’s vital you consult with a dentist who will analyze the overall health of your mouth. Teeth whitening isn’t for everyone and, depending on your needs and past treatments, teeth whitening may or may not be the appropriate choice. For example, it’s important to know that teeth whitening will not function on a tooth that’s discolored because of a root canal, flanks, composite fillings, crowns or bridges.

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