Crown implants : a solid choice!

dental crown
Wouldn’t you like to laugh out loud, savour different flavors and textures, bite hard into a juicy piece of fruit or eat a delicious sandwich?

Life’s too short for you to deny yourself any of these pleasures and by consulting a cosmetic dentistry expert, you’ll have crown implants in no time, plus a bright, healthy smile.

Superior dental care

Patient satisfaction is the number one priority at Dentiste Brossard. To ensure this, we provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, including crown implants.

For example, in cases where the only feasible solution would have been to put in a dental bridge, today’s advanced technology allows us to create durable solutions that cause minimum discomfort; crown implants are ideal for this!

Crown implants
innovative progress

Choosing a crown implant is a wise choice when you need to fill the space left by a lost tooth.

Because of its natural aspect, comfort and durability, this technology provides a practical, esthetic solution that also helps stabilize the jaw bone.
crown implant - dentiste brossard
Additionally, this choice does not require any special treatment that would surpass your regular hygiene routine and does not harm adjacent teeth.

Positioning the crown implant is simple.

After properly ensuring local anesthesia is set, we proceed with osteo-integration, meaning we set the implant in the bone. After this, a temporary tooth can be set, for esthetic purposes.

In the following weeks, control visits are required in order to make sure scarring is advancing well. The last step is the positioning of the crown which, thanks to technological advances, is of superior quality and durable. The process is simple and the results are definitely worth it.

Comme meet a cosmetic dentist today and get the smile you deserve!

For additional information about our services such the Cerec crown or teeth whitening, we invite you to contact us. You can also call our clinic to meet one of our dentists for an emergency situation.