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Are you embarrassed by your teeth? Have you always wanted a healthy, bright, impeccable smile?

The cosmetic dental clinic Dentiste Brossard has a complete, professional dental health team that has every tool available to offer you the very best in cosmetic dentistry. Simple, beneficial, fast and efficient, our services cater to functional and esthetic needs.

Want a brighter smile or white fillings? Our experienced cosmetic dentistry experts will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Dental composites: white fillings

Patients frequently request we remove metal filings from the mouth in order to have improve their smile. Thankfully, composites are readily available and cosmetic dentists use them often. New adhesive technologies have allowed us to do cosmetic restoration work with composites for several years now. These are a great alternative to the traditional grey colored filling.

Composites were initially used for frontal teeth but improved resistance now allows us to use them in the back of the mouth as well. They are normally presented in a paste that combines quartz, silica and zirconia.

White filling by the cosmetic dental clinic

Teeth whitening by the cosmetic dental clinic Dentiste Brossard

The teeth whitening treatment consists of applying a peroxide-based gel substance that helps eliminate undesired hues on the teeth.

Live tooth discoloration can be caused by many factors. First of all, teeth can simply be covered superficially with an accumulation of tartar and/or plaque. These colored deposits occur when there’s a frequent ingestion of coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco.

A simple cleaning and polishing procedure will normally remove these superficial stains. There are cases, however, where stains are lodged in the tooth enamel or dentin.

Natural ageing, nutrition, tobacco consumption, tetracycline-based medication, excessive fluoride at a young age and cavities can all potentially cause discoloration inside the tooth. In these cases, tooth whitening will do the job but there may be some stains that are difficult to remove. The dentist and his team can provide proper recommendation before and after the procedure.

Our warm and inviting space will make visiting the dentist a breeze. Come meet the professional Dentiste Brossard team and start planning your cosmetic dentistry services today. Quality, commitment and great results await!

Teeth whitening by dentiste brossard

For more information about our cosmetic dental clinic‘s services or about Cerec technology, we invite you to contact our dental office.